“Thoughts are the rocket fuel for creation,” Anne Donnell Psychic Medium and Teacher

I love this quote. It speaks volumes, especially when it comes to writing.  But how do you tap into your creative thoughts when they are hiding beneath the subconscious mind? One snowy Saturday morning, with coffee in hand, I logged into an online manifestation class with Anne Donnell, psychic medium and teacher in hopes of pushing my writing forward. I’ve been working on the same middle grade manuscript for a couple of years. For some reason, I doubt myself, or maybe it’s the book itself, and inevitably I back off the project. Anyone else find themselves in the same situation?

Whether you believe in psychic energy or not, energy is matter that cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transferred or converted in form. Having a bad day? That feeling (energy) sticks around and gets recycled. If you are leaving a job or relationship – you are taking that energy with you to your next experience—unless you change your thoughts. According to Anne, it’s up to us to create light where there’s heaviness.

Since I’ve been dissatisfied with where I am with my writing, I guess it’s time to change my energy.

Ask, and You Shall Receive

But pray tell, how can I get that creative rocket fuel going? Sometimes I feel like my mind is a portal that refuses to open. Anne proposes inspiration is as simple as getting curious and having the courage to find your passion. In her 2015 book, Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert says the same. Whenever she’s uncertain of something she’s written, Gilbert sits back and says, hmm, isn’t that interesting.

For Anne, manifesting is an ongoing process. “The soul didn’t come here to hang  out. You know when you love someone. You can feel it. It’s the strongest energy that moves mountains. But there is no test to quantify your love. Instead, you plant seeds every morning.” And yet, if you aren’t planting these seeds (thoughts) of love/abundance, then you will continuously be harvesting a lack of love/abundance (work, love, health) in the weeks or months to come. According to the law of attraction, you get what you put out there. To change negative thinking, says Anne, we must ignite our thoughts. “Most of the time when we are not happy it’s because of something we are doing. We can focus on what’s not making us happy or take control. It’s that simple.”

Manifest by Tuning Into Your Thoughts

But HOW do we change our thoughts? Especially when me, you, and everyone else are dealing with a pandemic and piles of other stresses. That’s where manifesting comes in.

“Act as if what YOU want is already here. Life isn’t happening to YOU- life is happening because of YOU. No one else is responsible for what we are going through,” says Anne.

Anne suggests writing these thoughts down by journaling – which is something she details in her Manifesting 101 class

What’s more, be tuned in to what you think so you can get out of the scarcity mindset. According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, ninety percent of our thoughts are from the day before. Therefore, if you focus on what you don’t have (for me, it’s a lack of creativity), that’s the vibe that comes your way.

To summarize, the universe is a massive life force and always responding and listening.

  • Thoughts create our reality
  • The universe responds to our dominant thoughts 24-7
  • The universe responds to whatever emotions we silently create
  • We attract what we put our focus and intention on

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